A commitment to quality supported by our teams

Proximity to our clients:

As a supplier to very large companies for much of our turnover, our craftsman's approach, as close as possible to the product and the client, is our strength, and the resulting high level of demand is the guarantee of our sustainability. Our proximity to our clients is constant, from the creation of the product to the solution of an after-sales problem. This proximity and this commitment to high standards continues despite the necessary renewal of our teams.

Committed to continuous improvement

The road we have travelled also includes the very questioning that has transformed GIVE. There is little in common between the company of today and the one of fifteen years ago, except for the teams that have accompanied this change. GIVE adapts to the demands of its customers, to new regulations, and improves its tools and organization to become more efficient. Our results in terms of productivity, quality and profitability are proof of it.

Strengthening our skills

We are now focusing on renewing and strengthening our production teams, through a training center, and on improving our information systems, more secured, more connected to our partners and more efficient for our teams.

Environmental, social and economic commitments

We are continuing our efforts to reduce our impact on the environment, improve the well-being of our employees at work and strengthen our financial structure, all of which are requirements that our clients have consistently expressed. The reduction of our environmental impact is achieved through the selection of ISO 14001 certified European suppliers, the priority given to renewable energy, the use of recycled polymers and, more generally, the eco design of the new product lines.